Thursday, December 25, 2008

Team Obama Hiring Attorneys

The media and the blog world have proclaimed Obama's innocence in the Blagojevich/Chicago corruption scandal. The essence of the story is that Obama's lawyer claims Obama and his staff did nothing wrong. What a shocker, eh? Maybe Blagojevich should just put out an email memo from his attorney saying he did nothing wrong?

Read the report/memo/email here. It is sort of hard to find and you may be disappointed about the information presented. It certainly sounds like it was written by a lawyer as it quite brief. He justifiably seems to be careful not to incriminate Obama and his cronies.

Meanwhile Obama and his future (?) White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel are out of the country and refusing to answer questions. Remember the promise of an open and transparent administration? If you believed that to begin with, have I got a Senate seat in Illinois to sell you.

And, Obama's top aide (Rahm) is busy hiring the best legal advice money can buy because of his entanglement in this corruption. You would think these guys would look to New York for guidance in this mess and give the darn Senate seat to an unqualified Democrat with the proper name.

There is a lot of talk about cleaning up the corruption in the Chicago rat's nest. I guess if all the rat's move to DC that might help Chicago?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Wheel Coming Off the Liberal Cart

I was reading the news and blogs on the internet this morning. There are a lot of Union members griping because yesterday the car bailout failed to pass in the Democrat controlled Senate. The reason it failed? You got it, Republican Senators. You know the minority party in the US Congress.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Led by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, they asked the auto workers to show they were serious about making Detroit competitive again. In exchange for a lifeline from Washington, Mr. Corker wanted the union to set a "date certain" in 2009 for lowering the Detroit Three's hourly labor costs to the average of foreign-owned auto makers in the U.S. He also wanted creditors to bring down Detroit's total debt by two-thirds through an equity swap, making sure debtholders share the cost of restructuring.

The union's counteroffer was that it would bring down labor costs in 2011, when its current contracts run out. Maybe we missed something, but we thought GM and Chrysler were facing bankruptcy now, not in three years. As Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor, that sounds like "taxpayer money today for reforms that may or may not come tomorrow."

You see, even though the car unions steal millions from their members all year long to campaign against conservative, American principles at each election, the Republicans in the Senate are supposed to prop them up when their share of the business model fails. As of course it must, too.

Yeah, sounds right to me. And of course if you read the stories carefully you will understand that the UAW was unwilling to make any concessions whatsoever to help save their own jobs. If you have been around or in a union environment you know how that works. When they are done talking you would think it was management's idea to have 15,000 people every day (Jobs Bank) doing nothing and making between $100,000 to $140,000 a year.

On other liberal fronts you may notice this one little item in the news. Government at every level is bankrupt. Perhaps this is because we have been too strict in following the Constitution, eh?

If you follow the states that are the most liberal, like California or New York, you will see they are in the worst of trouble. It's not small either too. The amount of money needed to bailout California alone makes the auto bailout look like pocket change. At the end of February they are done. All for the sake of liberal public policies.

Every year since the 1930's our government has played a larger role in our lives. Our freedoms and Constitution have been destroyed in order to have the government running things. The principles behind these "liberal" (The biggest joke is liberals now call themselves Progressives) directions have ruined business, removed our freedoms, and made our future unsafe and uncertain.

True to form, everywhere its been tried, a lot of people are going to suffer in the name of liberalism. And now the wheel is coming off of the liberal cart here in America.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Kennedy Wants a Senate Seat

Caroline Kennedy is rumored (as reported by all the major media sources) to have an interest in being a United States Senator. The tale is that she would be appointed to the seat vacated by the future Secretary of State, Hillary. Of course the current situation is perfect for her as it would seem a bit much that she would actually campaign and win the seat. After all, she is a Kennedy. And if a Kennedy wants to be a United States Senator then let nothing stand in the way. It is also reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is not interested in playing a Senator.

The media of course is all a twitter. You can just imagine the sensations running up and down Chris Matthew's legs.

Of course, unlike a governor running for the Vice President's office, there will be no discussion of qualifications. After all, she is a Kennedy. She will not be quizzed on the capitals of various countries or asked about newspapers that she reads. The dynasty must continue. We are just lucky she has chosen to grace our lives with her inherited abilities to rule the common folk. I suppose if she needs guidance she can always turn to Ted.

And certainly Teddy has been a mouth piece for American justice during his tenure in public life. One cannot be more mesmerized by the infamous Ted Kennedy quote:
"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law? Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?"
Certainly that statement has no relevance here as a Kennedy acquires a US Senate seat without an election.

I did notice a blog reporting on the dismal fact that since she cannot be anointed until Hillary resigns, and Hillary is not resigning until the appointment. So she will probably end up being the 100th Senator on the seniority list. Certainly we can hope and pray that there is still some justice in the world and this can be remedied. Perhaps by simply bending the rules. Maybe Papal decree would be in order here. Or go up the ladder one notch to Harry Reid.

Ah, change. What a wonderful thing it is.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Obama Change

I have to tell you. I don't get it. Certainly this was an election without a choice I could feel really good about, but, voting for Obama is beyond belief. I just do not get it. The clues are everywhere screaming, "Run hard, run fast!!".

Obama's past associations with loads of radical people. The missing gaps in his past history. The media's failure to probe and ask tough question. Heck, the media's cheer leading. The promise of higher taxes. The promise to not drill for oil in America. The Democrat's Party connection to the failure of Freddie and Fannie. Someone please explain why we are not allowed to read his college thesis!! The support of ACORN and their attempt to fix the election. The list goes on and on.

Two events really strike me though and are a certainly a predictor of coming events.

In his first press conference he slams Nancy Reagan. You have to be kidding me. Is Nancy Reagan some kind of threat to him? No. Is he comfortable making partisan attacks? I would say that is a rather obvious yes. In this instance he even invents some wild story about Nancy and seances to fit his slam. Of course he's been getting away with these inventions through the entire election cycle and he got away with this one too. No doubt though, partisan attacks against a former first lady, during a press conferences, truly represents change.

The second event is really troubling. Maybe I'm just sensitive because I live in Ohio, and I am against terrorists. I am speaking of the Democratic Party in Ohio going through the records of Joe Wurzelbacher (Joe the Plumber).

In support of the Obama campaign they participated in the smear by going through all of his state records to try and dig up dirt on Joe. What did Joe do? He wanted to know why working hard is going to be a penalty in the Obama administration and, he had the audacity of hope to put the question directly to Obama.

As if this breach of privacy isn't enough to make you truly angry, you need a little more context. Anyone remember the last 6 years and the outrage over Bush wire tapping the phones of terrorists? Osama has privacy rights, right?

Now we know. Wiretapping the phones of terrorists is bad. Combing the private records of a citizen challenging a presidential candidate is perfectly acceptable.

Fasten your seatbelts folks. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Democrats...Intent on Stealing Ohio Election

Certainly we are seeing an attempt by Democratic groups to steal the election in many of the battleground states across the country. It appears they are having quite a bit of success.

You have undoubtedly heard of the illegal activities of a group called ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) that is conducting fraudulent voter registration, for the purpose of ultimately illegal voting, in many states. This is just one of the groups that is trying to steal the election and they have been quite prominent in Ohio. The group ACORN actually has quite a lengthy record of voter fraud in Ohio. As an added note, the Obama campaign has paid them (ACORN) for these activities. Of further interest, this is an organization of which Obama used to work for.

Another aspect to this story though is the coordination of this attempt to steal the vote by ACORN and other groups with the Democratic Party in charge of the election in Ohio. Specifically Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner who on Thursday (10/9) has yet another court ruling against her activities in running the election in this state.

From the Ohio Republican Party's web site:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Secretary of State appeals ruling, fights effort to validate registrations

(Columbus) - A federal court ruled tonight that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner violated federal election laws by not taking adequate steps to validate the identity of newly registered voters.

The ruling from U.S. District Court Judge George C. Smith called the identification breakdown "a serious problem" and ordered Brunner to immediately comply with federal requirements to match voter registration data with the information in the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Social Security Administration databases. The court accused Brunner of failing to provide county election administrators with "an effective way to access and review mismatches." She immediately appealed the ruling.

"For some reason, Jennifer Brunner does not want these new registrations checked," said Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine. "Her refusal to comply with federal law raises serious concerns about her ability to objectively oversee this election. It's especially troubling in light of her connection to ACORN and that group's stunning confession this week of fraudulent registration activity happening right here in Ohio."

Brunner's effort to fight the court order comes just two days after the Democrat activist group ACORN admitted to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections that the group engages in fraudulent voter registration activity.

Ohio ACORN officials "blamed the elections board for not scrutinizing ACORN's suspicious cards," claiming the group "can't be expected to catch everything."

ACORN is facing similar inquires in other Ohio counties as well as 10 other states. Members of the group's "voter-mobilization arm," Project Vote, regularly advise Brunner on election strategy, even recently issuing a news release that claims credit for Brunner's directive restricting challenges to suspected fraudulent voter registrations. Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama also has strong ties to ACORN, working previously as an attorney and "leadership trainer" for the group.

Unfortunately, the media is in the tank for Obama, and the Democrat Party, and has done very little reporting of this story to aid in the concept of an honest election.

Michelle Malkin has done quite a bit of blogging on this topic and I have seen her a few times on TV.

It appears that the results of this election are already in serious doubt in Ohio and probably many other states.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why the Media Hates Sarah Palin

The media is throwing an absolute fit over the McCain choice for VP.

After all, she doesn't have much experience, right? How dare experience not be the number one consideration for a Vice President, right? I mean, my gosh, look at Joe Biden. He's been in the Senate since Nixon was in office and look at his long list of accomplishments, right?

And Obama? I mean he was a organizer after all. You surely can't count his experience in the US Senate as he has been running for office since being elected and has no accomplishments whatsoever.

And all she has been is a governor. I mean all governors do is .....manage states? And govern?

But the real reason the media hates this pick is because she is a woman and Obama did not pick The Woman. Yeah, they have a strong hatred towards any conservative in general but the gender is the most important reason here.

Why, because she is a woman? You thought they liked women running for high office, right? Well, yeah, if it's the Democrats "making history". Not a Republican "making history" when the Democrats have just turned down the greatest woman alive, without even considering her for Vice President.

Every day, Sarah Palin is going to be out campaigning and reminding all the voters across the country that the Democrats would not allow The Hillary to even be the VP on the "history making" ticket. Sure Obama won the top spot in an election but Hillary was not good enough to even be Vice President.

And that is why the media is going to criticize her night and day.

All you had to do was turn on Chris Matthews the day of the announcement and see the sour look and hear the negativity.

She surely is a great choice for many reasons, but it's a certainty she is going to have a hard time getting a fair chance in this environment.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Democrat Congress...Scorecard

Well, here we are about 16 months into that new Democrat controlled Congress. The media sure seemed excited when they were running for office in the 2006 election. It was a revolution for sure. Imagine if we could rein in some of the recklessness of Bush. What a wonderful world it could be.

And these guys had such lofty.....promises.

Aren't promises wonderful? People walked in polling booths all over America and threw the bums (read...republicans) out. Democrats were given control of both houses of Congress. I remember four main thrusts of their promise to "change" the way we do things here in America.

Number one of course, was the promise to end the Iraq war. How are they doing on that? Well, they have since voted twice to fund increased levels of troops. Oh well, so they lied about their biggest and best reasons to be granted the power to govern. And of course they are still continuing to lie saying they can't stop the war without the President and other Republicans helping them. If the spending bills are not brought up and voted on the war has to stop. It runs out of money, plain and simple. Hopefully you realize how bad you've been swindled.

The goal never was to stop the war. The goal was to continue the war, bash Bush, and use the war to campaign for the next election.

They promised to end corruption in government. That bit the dust with Nancy Pelosi's very first law on minimum wage that exempted companies that she and her husband own from being part of the law. Certainly not an end to corruption. Maybe what Ted Kennedy would simply call "new management". Oh yeah, earmarks and pork barrel spending? Now at their highest levels in history.

Hillary Clinton said if you want lower gas prices you need to elect Democrats. Well we did. Screwed again eh? Gas prices now at their highest levels in history.

Do you remember these Democrats just ranting and raving and promising to rein in the Bush spending? Anyone noticed how we are doing on that? It would appear that we are going to have the largest deficit in the history of the country this year.

So every promise broken and even worse governance then we got under the Republicans.

On the bright side of things we got that minimum wage bill and congressional oversight!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Liberal Crap...

...this time in the San Francisco Bay.

Anyone besides me getting tired of being lectured to by the likes of Al Gore and the rest of these liberal "environmentalists" that are constantly spreading alarmist news concerning pollution, meanwhile constantly showing blatant disregard for the environment? Is there any chance at all that we could have a little "lead by example"? Probably not eh?

From the article above:

"Danehy said staff had gone home when the alarm was triggered around 4:30 p.m.

The emergency telephone notification service the facility uses for nighttime alerts also failed, leaving a voicemail for an on-duty staffer instead of calling Danehy directly, he said"

Gee, do you suppose that San Francisco had enough boondoggle spending last year that they could have cut the budget a little and kept up the sewage system? Probably not eh?

Oh well, don't hold your breath. But then again, maybe you better if you are in the vicinity of the San Fracisco Bay.