Thursday, September 24, 2009

Democrats Ready to Steal Yet Another Senate Seat

After openly stealing Senate seats in Illinois (Burris), Pennsylvania (Specter), and Minnesota (Franken), the Democratic party has changed laws to steal yet another Senate Seat.

Kind of makes you proud to live in a Democracy , eh? The people's voice is being heard. It's really hard to understand people that are upset at Townhall meetings, right?


Signs point to Kirk for interim senator
By Matt Viser and Frank Phillips, Globe Staff September 24, 2009

Governor Deval Patrick huddled with a small group of trusted advisers last night to finalize his choice for an interim US senator, with indications pointing to former Democratic National Committee chairman Paul G. Kirk Jr., who has the strong backing of the immediate family of the late Edward M. Kennedy, as the overwhelming favorite.

A person with knowledge of the process said last night that former governor Michael S. Dukakis, considered a leading candidate for the appointment, was unlikely to be chosen. At the same time, senior Democrats in Washington told The New York Times that they were certain Kirk would be the choice...........

Read the remainder of the farce here.