Sunday, July 15, 2007

Democrat Priorities??

This week I was home from work sick with a migraine. I turned on C-span and Bill Clinton was giving a speech. It's really incredible the world view of the Democratic Party. And, you must admit this guy probably represents his party fairly well. He's not a Michael Moore loud mouth. Though Michael Moore is becoming more and more mainstream in this party, but that is another topic.

Anyway, Bill recommends that we make incandescent light bulbs illegal.

Let me see if I have this right. In their continual denial of a war on Islamic terrorists, and massive attempts to downplay this as anything more then a George Bush invention, they believe we have gone too far in our fight. They maintain the following ideas:

The Democratic Party believes Saddam Hussein should still be in power, despite the fact that Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Al Gore all claimed he was a madman with nuclear weapons.

The Democratic Party believes that Guantanamo should be shut down as a prison for the some of the most violent terrorists on the planet. And we should bring those prisoners onto American soil and give them full access to our legal system!!!

The Democratic Party believes that the war on terrorism is a merely a bumper sticker slogan.

The Democratic Party believes that secret prisons in Europe used to house terrorists is an outrageous practice.

The Democratic Party believes that if a war time president listens in on phone calls of the enemy he is destroying the constitution. And yes, of course, they have properly outed this program to eliminate is as an effective tool against terrorism.

The Democratic Party believes that outing a secret program tracing international monetary transactions that are funding terrorism is a good idea.

But yet an important idea for them is making incandescent light bulbs illegal in America. Wow. If the world were so simple everybody could be a Democrat. Of course we would all now either be growing beards or wearing a face veil here in the real world. And more importantly, the liberals in America would be explaining to their new Islamic leaders the value of abortion and homosexual rights.

Needless to say, watching Bill Clinton did not help my headache.