Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rudy Giuliani.....Unacceptable

I've already made up my mind. No way will I ever vote for this guy. Not now, not ever.

Rudy Giuliani is currently leading in the polls, among Republicans, in what appears to be the biggest bunch of misfits ever assembled in history trying to be President of the United States.

This guy is not a Republican. If he is, I'm not a Republican. He's a liberal that was mayor of New York City on 9/11 and somehow this makes him uniquely qualified to be President of the United States. By the way, don't even bother with his website. If you are looking for his position on issues he has a few lines on each that sound so non-committed they could have been written by Bill Clinton. All right lets get down to a few specifics.

1. Gun Control - Rudy was a firm gun control liberal as mayor of New York. He jumped on the band wagon with the Brady Campaign to sue gun makers out of existence. Rudy claimed he supports hunters rights though. That's always the clue to a John Kerry position on gun control which is ban as many as you can and then go duck hunting when you run for office. I have never mistaken the Second Amendment for a declaration of hunters rights and any candidate that does just doesn't get it.

2. Abortion - Rudy is a pro choice Republican. And he's quite confusing on the issue. Again, he borrows a page from the Bill Clinton "speak out of both sides of your mouth" book. From the 2007 debate at the Reagan library:

Q: You became very well known for standing up against the use of public funds for what many people considered indecent exhibits at the Brooklyn museum and places like that. Why do you support the use of public funds for abortion?

A: I don't. I support the Hyde amendment. I hate abortion. I wish people didn't have abortions.

I supported it in New York, but I think, in other places, people can come to a different decision.

If you hate it, why support it?

3. Illegal Immigration - Believe it or not Rudy doesn't even address this critical issue on his website. That alone is quite telling. He doesn't want to tell you where he stands. That means he stands with, you guessed it, the Democrats.

In April 2006, Giuliani went on the record as favoring the US Senate's comprehensive immigration plan which includes a path to citizenship and a guest worker plan. So if you are in favor of an open southern border, any person passing back and forth at any time, the American taxpayer paying their medical, education, and welfare bills while they are here Rudy is your guy.

And here you thought the main reason to vote for him was defense of the United States.

If you can hold your nose enough to look past these positions for long enough to pull the Rudy lever you are a better person then me. What's going to get me enthused about voting is a difference in the candidates, besides their party title.