Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why the Media Hates Sarah Palin

The media is throwing an absolute fit over the McCain choice for VP.

After all, she doesn't have much experience, right? How dare experience not be the number one consideration for a Vice President, right? I mean, my gosh, look at Joe Biden. He's been in the Senate since Nixon was in office and look at his long list of accomplishments, right?

And Obama? I mean he was a organizer after all. You surely can't count his experience in the US Senate as he has been running for office since being elected and has no accomplishments whatsoever.

And all she has been is a governor. I mean all governors do is .....manage states? And govern?

But the real reason the media hates this pick is because she is a woman and Obama did not pick The Woman. Yeah, they have a strong hatred towards any conservative in general but the gender is the most important reason here.

Why, because she is a woman? You thought they liked women running for high office, right? Well, yeah, if it's the Democrats "making history". Not a Republican "making history" when the Democrats have just turned down the greatest woman alive, without even considering her for Vice President.

Every day, Sarah Palin is going to be out campaigning and reminding all the voters across the country that the Democrats would not allow The Hillary to even be the VP on the "history making" ticket. Sure Obama won the top spot in an election but Hillary was not good enough to even be Vice President.

And that is why the media is going to criticize her night and day.

All you had to do was turn on Chris Matthews the day of the announcement and see the sour look and hear the negativity.

She surely is a great choice for many reasons, but it's a certainty she is going to have a hard time getting a fair chance in this environment.

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