Saturday, April 12, 2008

Democrat Congress...Scorecard

Well, here we are about 16 months into that new Democrat controlled Congress. The media sure seemed excited when they were running for office in the 2006 election. It was a revolution for sure. Imagine if we could rein in some of the recklessness of Bush. What a wonderful world it could be.

And these guys had such lofty.....promises.

Aren't promises wonderful? People walked in polling booths all over America and threw the bums (read...republicans) out. Democrats were given control of both houses of Congress. I remember four main thrusts of their promise to "change" the way we do things here in America.

Number one of course, was the promise to end the Iraq war. How are they doing on that? Well, they have since voted twice to fund increased levels of troops. Oh well, so they lied about their biggest and best reasons to be granted the power to govern. And of course they are still continuing to lie saying they can't stop the war without the President and other Republicans helping them. If the spending bills are not brought up and voted on the war has to stop. It runs out of money, plain and simple. Hopefully you realize how bad you've been swindled.

The goal never was to stop the war. The goal was to continue the war, bash Bush, and use the war to campaign for the next election.

They promised to end corruption in government. That bit the dust with Nancy Pelosi's very first law on minimum wage that exempted companies that she and her husband own from being part of the law. Certainly not an end to corruption. Maybe what Ted Kennedy would simply call "new management". Oh yeah, earmarks and pork barrel spending? Now at their highest levels in history.

Hillary Clinton said if you want lower gas prices you need to elect Democrats. Well we did. Screwed again eh? Gas prices now at their highest levels in history.

Do you remember these Democrats just ranting and raving and promising to rein in the Bush spending? Anyone noticed how we are doing on that? It would appear that we are going to have the largest deficit in the history of the country this year.

So every promise broken and even worse governance then we got under the Republicans.

On the bright side of things we got that minimum wage bill and congressional oversight!!!