Saturday, September 15, 2007

How Big Government Really Works, Clinton Style

If you have been following the Hsu story lately you can really get a glimpse into how the government functions, and particularly how the Democratic Party is a master at using your paycheck to fund their elections. Oh you thought those were voluntary contributions to people with big hearts? Perhaps you think John Edwards really does care about poor people? Hillary is just a dedicated public servant?

This is just one small tale of corruption, and certainly typical associated to the name Clinton.

The story goes like this:

Joel Rosenman, one of the original promoters of the original Woodstock concert, and a major fat cat Democratic contributor, loans a guy named Norman Hsu, $40 million. Yeah, that $40,000,000.

Now, Norma Hsu, besides being a fugitive from justice and a major Democratic fund raiser, is really focused on fund raising for one former First Lady's run for the White House, Hillary Clinton. I know that some well informed Katie Couric follower's are going to find this hard to believe but there is a deep suspicion out there that Norman Hsu actively worked to get some of the $40,000,000 into the Hillary for President campaign. Hillary has already agreed to give back $850,000. And, of course, the amount he has laundered into her campaign is so enormous that he has to "bundle it" through other donors in a highly illegal operation.

Imagine how shocked Bill Clinton was when he learned of this? Oh, and by the way, Norman Hsu last year gave $75,000 to the University of Arkansas's Clinton School of Public Service. I guess I'm just hangin' with the wrong people. These are real friends.

Anyway, here's the real kicker.

Currently the Congress is putting together the Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations Bill. This bill has 1,016 earmarks totaling nearly $392 million. Yeah, that $392,000,000. A lot of money to anyone that has to to earn it. You can download the entire list here. I warn you though in advance, this is not for the faint of heart when you see the government boondoggling borrowed money with such reckless abandon. Just as an aside, if you go through this list you will notice that the University of Arkansas's Clinton School of Public Service has an earmark of $1,000,000. Yee Haw.

Anyway, in this earmark list, you guessed it, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer have put in a request (one among many) for $1,000,000 for....something important?

A Woodstock museum. Kinda anti climatic huh? I mean you would think that the party that is doing away with corruption, cleaning up earmarks, and deeply offended by the national debt would probably resist borrowing money for something as ridiculous as a Woodstock Museum.

But, and here is where the circle closes, it makes Joel Rosenman happy. You know, the guy that loaned Norman Hsu the $40,000,000 of which a substantial part of ended up in the Clinton's pockets. And, one of the original promoters of the Woodstock Music Festival.


1. Democrat crony Rosenman loans Democrat crony Hsu $40,000,000.
2. Fugitive Hsu distributes money to Democrats to give to Democratic campaigns.
3. Criminally inclined Hillary Clinton receives large amounts of money from the $40,000,000.
4. Master lawbreaker Hillary Clinton spends taxpayer money on Rosenman cause as payback.

In effect, taxpayer money has been laundered into the Clinton campaign.

Now you know how big government really works.