Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Kennedy Wants a Senate Seat

Caroline Kennedy is rumored (as reported by all the major media sources) to have an interest in being a United States Senator. The tale is that she would be appointed to the seat vacated by the future Secretary of State, Hillary. Of course the current situation is perfect for her as it would seem a bit much that she would actually campaign and win the seat. After all, she is a Kennedy. And if a Kennedy wants to be a United States Senator then let nothing stand in the way. It is also reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is not interested in playing a Senator.

The media of course is all a twitter. You can just imagine the sensations running up and down Chris Matthew's legs.

Of course, unlike a governor running for the Vice President's office, there will be no discussion of qualifications. After all, she is a Kennedy. She will not be quizzed on the capitals of various countries or asked about newspapers that she reads. The dynasty must continue. We are just lucky she has chosen to grace our lives with her inherited abilities to rule the common folk. I suppose if she needs guidance she can always turn to Ted.

And certainly Teddy has been a mouth piece for American justice during his tenure in public life. One cannot be more mesmerized by the infamous Ted Kennedy quote:
"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law? Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?"
Certainly that statement has no relevance here as a Kennedy acquires a US Senate seat without an election.

I did notice a blog reporting on the dismal fact that since she cannot be anointed until Hillary resigns, and Hillary is not resigning until the appointment. So she will probably end up being the 100th Senator on the seniority list. Certainly we can hope and pray that there is still some justice in the world and this can be remedied. Perhaps by simply bending the rules. Maybe Papal decree would be in order here. Or go up the ladder one notch to Harry Reid.

Ah, change. What a wonderful thing it is.

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