Sunday, February 1, 2009

Obama the Labor Expert

Obama signed Executive Orders this week that undo Bush policies concerning Unions. I guess the point is that we should use General Motors as the pattern in shaping labor and business in the United States. The new rules will make it even more difficult for the ever expanding federal government to control the labor practices in federal contracts.

Appearing alongside Joe Biden, a guy who seemingly and rightfully, cannot believe that he has ascended to such heights in his career, Obama signed 3 Executive Orders. In the new changed bipartisan spirit he bashed Bush several times during the signing.

He spoke of “shameful” bonuses for Wall Street bankers but neglected to mention his White House dinner earlier in the week where they (our rulers) served steak that cost the American taxpayer $300 a pound. Imported too! Hurrah for Change!

Certainly it is apparent that this group of elitists are so removed from reality that they cannot make any move that will benefit America. To prove this, they also took the opportunity to remind us of the Pelosi/Obama stimulus package. You know the one that stimulates a march towards a Marxist government? New cars for government workers! Hurray! Condoms for all! New grass on the mall! Change!!

At the same "Turn America into General Motors" gathering, Joe Biden discussed his new role as Middle Class Nanny Czar. According to Joe The Vice President one of the focuses will be "green jobs, those jobs that pay well". Does that mean we all get to own wealthy carbon trading companies like Al Gore?

Obama keeps talking the economy down (you know that thing that Bush was criticized for) but yet every action he takes is towards more destruction of the economy. Of course this was mostly about paying back the people that sent him all that money during the campaign.

Change. Can we survive it?