Thursday, December 25, 2008

Team Obama Hiring Attorneys

The media and the blog world have proclaimed Obama's innocence in the Blagojevich/Chicago corruption scandal. The essence of the story is that Obama's lawyer claims Obama and his staff did nothing wrong. What a shocker, eh? Maybe Blagojevich should just put out an email memo from his attorney saying he did nothing wrong?

Read the report/memo/email here. It is sort of hard to find and you may be disappointed about the information presented. It certainly sounds like it was written by a lawyer as it quite brief. He justifiably seems to be careful not to incriminate Obama and his cronies.

Meanwhile Obama and his future (?) White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel are out of the country and refusing to answer questions. Remember the promise of an open and transparent administration? If you believed that to begin with, have I got a Senate seat in Illinois to sell you.

And, Obama's top aide (Rahm) is busy hiring the best legal advice money can buy because of his entanglement in this corruption. You would think these guys would look to New York for guidance in this mess and give the darn Senate seat to an unqualified Democrat with the proper name.

There is a lot of talk about cleaning up the corruption in the Chicago rat's nest. I guess if all the rat's move to DC that might help Chicago?

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