Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Historic" Health Care Vote...WOW!!...Hurrah!!!

It's Official. And it's officially historic.

Yes, history is being made while you wait. With only 60 Senators in their Caucus the Democrats have been able to win a vote in the United States Senate. And oh boy, it is helping to "move the debate" on Health Care. How do they do it you ask? This surely is pulling a rabbit out of their...hat. You have to marvel at the strong leadership we see from great leaders like...Harry Reid. He's making history after all. And surely, there were no shennanigans getting all 60 Democrats to vote this way. These guys and gals hold America and our Constitution is such high esteem. Honestly, I get a tear in my eye each time I see Harry Reid heading into the Senate.

And the History being made. My gosh! Yet another entitlement in the making, in the land of the free (loaders) and the home of the brave (government).

Higher taxes, reduced freedom, greater government dependency, and greater deficits. How do they do it? It's historic! Makes you proud to be an American, huh?

Setting out with a goal of reducing health care costs they now have a plan. They are not quite meeting the goal of reducing Health Care costs but hey, it's only your money. Not theirs. After all, they are, and will remain so, exempt from any changes in their health care coverage and costs. It's historic!!! Normally, you know, they suffer right along with the rest of us when they create a historic mess with legislation.

And the greatest part of all. They claim it will reduce the deficit. I love that part. Our government is soooooo good at reducing the deficit that here they are, doing it yet again!!! They really have the people in the mind. And of course, it's historic!

On the plus side, yet another reason not to go to work. Let's see, your taxes go up, health care costs go up.... if you go to work. Why do it? History in the making you say? Read the headlines. Everywhere proclaiming this to be historic. It must be true. The media is saying it. You know, the public watchdog.

I just love history. Remember the last presidential campaign and how historic it was. This history making is really working out. That popular well thought out stimulus plan. Terrorist now heading to New York City. Terrorists released in the Bahamas. Buying car companies and then paying people to buy cars. More hate crime legislation. 200 tonnes of American gold to India, and not a penny for America. Apologies for our abuse of other countries everywhere. And now on a course to better Health Care. Who would have thought you could cram this much history is so little....time.

Thank god for historic moments like these. All brought to you by your Constitutionally Conscious, Masters of the Will of the People, Freedom Loving, Budget Responsible, members of the United States Senate, taking yet another historic vote.

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