Saturday, April 21, 2007

Harry Traitor Reid

Harry Reid, in what seems to be a diplomatic outreach to Osama Bin Laden, declared yesterday that "This war is lost".

Isn't it just remarkable that this Congress can't find anything constructive to do? No problems that fall within their domain to work on?

At the very least could they get through the day without being a traitor to their country? No way this is not aid and comfort to the enemy.

The American dollar is being wrecked with government debt. No one is working on this problem. Could we at least get "The dollar is lost" and Reid could let us officially know he is giving up on that? Is it really unreasonable to ask Chuck Schumer to do the work of the people rather then spend every bit of his energy and time investigating legitimately fired attorneys? I got to think, this has to be way down on the list of priorities.

Social Security, a government program created by Congress, is the largest scam and upcoming train wreck in the history of socialism. Reid doesn't have time for this. Well, that's not completely true. He did take the time out over the last few years when Bush was working on this to make sure nothing was accomplished on this massive problem. And his goal wasn't to stop some wild plan of Bush's. His massive effort was to insure that nothing happened. I guess not working on Social Security frees up his time to advise the president on surrender.

Medicare, another government program, is a total disaster. Reid didn't mention that. Nancy Pelosi has spent more time meeting with terrorists, and accomplishing nothing positive, then working on this problem. Do they all think they are the president?

Most of the Congressional Democrats claim they believe the world is going to end because of Global Warming. Frankly, I think it's nothing but a Gore scam, but if you thought the world was coming to an end would you really be working on raising the minimum wage.

I think the Congress is lost. The voters that put this bunch in power are surely lost. The war lost? Reid may be right only because he is fighting against us and his words are powerful weapons.

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  1. People at the white are carrying out their own hidden agenda at the expense of American money and lives. They invaded Iraq for the sake of oil. Now they are trying their best to control the situation.

    Things will never improve in Iraq. Americans will have to handover the job to UN and move out of Iraq.